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Heroes & Hearts 2010
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Hearts & Artists: Reed Slater


Slater heart

Artist Statement
We are not alone, although every fiber of my being says otherwise. The only moments I can wholeheartedly refute that feeling are when I'm in the presence of art. Artists who convey the understanding of the human struggle are my inspiration. Art that communicates empathy and provides solace is the cornerstone and foundation of my creative edifice.

To the rich tapestry that spans the ages I strive to add my voice to humanities choir: sometimes as a melody and other times as a counterpoint. There is nourishment that art provides; a sustenance that is uniquely arts' providence. Art can reflect the zeitgeist, reference the past and speak to the future as well as pose the question of alternative possibilities and perspectives.

I think of myself as a colorist. Fluidity, sensuality, and grace are governing concerns. I try to use vessels and shape to capture the play of light, and evoke an emotion in the viewer. I worship at the altar of Rothko and the traditions of Zen Buddhism. I hope my work is able to stop the world for a moment; and in doing so, one leaves their presence refreshed.

I want my pieces to begin a dialogue within the viewer. Most importantly, I want this dialogue to be open ended: a conversation that can be revisited through the years and still be refreshing and challenging.

Reed began working in glass at San Francisco State University in 1996. As glassblowing is a team effort, Reed has continued to work and share knowledge with as many artists as possible in Northern California.

Reed's life has been immeasurably enriched by the collaboration and contacts of the artistic community. He was fortunate to study with Mark Petrovic at the Penland School of Crafts. Reed is an active member of Public Glass, the Bay Area's nonprofit center for the glass arts. He is an exhibiting member of the American Craft Council, a juried artist in the Association of Clay & Glass Artists and a member of the Glass Art Society. And yes, he still believes we stand on the shoulders of giants.

2006: Assisted Marvin Lipofsky in demonstrations at Public Glass
2005: Assisted Jeremy Cline, Incline Glass, San Francisco, CA
2000: Assisted Therman Statom in making his mixed media glass box paintings
1998: Penland School of Crafts, North Carolina. Marc Petrovic teacher
1996: San Francisco State University. Studied with artist John Leighton
1975: Attended University of Wisconsin

Shows, Exhibitions, Awards
• Niche Award Winner, 2006
• Association of Clay and Glass Artists of California;
• ArtSpan Open Studios; exhibiting artist 2000 2005
• American Craft Council; Baltimore, 2004 2005
• Morgan Contemporary Glass Gallery; BLOWNaway 2006
• Public Glass; Keep Us Hot juried live auction, 2004 2005
• Bay Area Glass Institute; Great Glass Auction 2004




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