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Derek Lynch

Derek Lynch


I compose elements from the natural and man-made environment-botanical, electronic, computer, and mechanical objects. I employ multiple layers of paint and color to invent images that rise from the surface. The imagery recalls the remnants of natural patterns and fractals-in a composition that is textured, complex and evolving. These are formed impressions. Making use of natural forms and designs in technology, I intend to create dynamic fields of light, color and surface. My interest is in fractals, chaotic patterns and how they relate to art, music, life. My study is of nature and technology, how do we interact and evolve.


The recipient of numerous artistic grants and awards, Derek Lynch's formal study began at the Art Students League in New York. He received a full scholarship to the School of Visual Arts and was the recipient of the Best Student Award during his first year. Lynch has exhibited in many solo and group shows from New York to San Francisco, including exhibitions at the Trenton Art Museum in New Jersey, the National Art Gallery in Gramercy Park, New York, and P.S.1 in Long Island City. Lynch's video art has been shown at the Castro Theater in San Francisco, BAM in Berkeley, CA, and The Kitchen in New York. His music, which he produces on his computers, is another form of his artistic expression.

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resume & www.lynchart.com