Giving Life to the Community

Frequently Asked Questions

I purchased a Heart and want to know how to maintain it over the years?

View our Maintenance Guide. For further assistance contact Hearts in San Francisco at 415.206.5930 or email Thank you for supporting the San Francisco General Hospital Foundation. Please let us know if you would like to have your Heart's permanent location listed on this website.

Why a Heart?

The selection of the icon of the heart is appropriate to a city that is famous for the song, "I Left My Heart in San Francisco" as well as being a locale that typifies acceptance and tolerance and is perennially open-hearted.

Who Benefited From Hearts in San Francisco?

The beneficiary of the Hearts project is the San Francisco General Hospital Foundation, whose sole purpose is to fund projects that will enhance patient care and comfort at San Francisco General Hospital Medical Center. SFGH has a Level One Trauma Center that is renowned among medical communities all over the world. It is also the only acute care hospital in San Francisco that provides twenty-four hour psychiatric emergency services. Moreover, it has been on the forefront of critical and compassionate care for patients with AIDS, including an innovative and remarkable procedure they developed to prevent the transmission of HIV from birthing mothers to their unborn infants. All of this is done without regard for the patient's ability to pay. This is also done with little recognition for the immense and irreplaceable service they provide to the community.

Where Can I Find Hearts?

The Hearts were on the streets of San Francisco from February 14, 2004 through October 2004. They were sold at live and online auctions in November 2004 and are now in homes and offices across the state of California. Visit the Locations section of this website to see the Hearts that are still available for public viewing.

Who Sponsored Hearts in San Francisco?

Hearts in San Francisco was presented by Wells Fargo and Intel Corporation. Leading sponsors also included VISA USA, and McKesson Corporation.

Who Are The Participating Artists?