Giving Life to the Community

Hearts in SF Project

Sponsored by Intel® Corporation; Artist: Michael Osborne. Four winged quadrants are each painted with a different color scheme of broad stripes representing various aspects of the city and its cultures. Intel installed wireless Internet access at Union Square, enabling "Wi-Fi" to surf the Web, send e-mail or share photos. This heart is owned by Intel® Corporation.

Hearts in San Francisco was a Bay Area-wide "heart installation" that debuted in the spring of 2004. While similar to Chicago's "Cows on Parade," the San Francisco version used a heart icon, appropriate for a city that is recognized for its acceptance and tolerance, as well as being perennially open-hearted. The goal of this project was to become a unique hybrid of fund-raising, compassionate community involvement, and a positive nurturing of artistic expression at a time when it is sorely needed. The financial beneficiary of Hearts in San Francisco is the San Francisco General Hospital Foundation, whose sole purpose is to fund projects that will enhance patient care and comfort at San Francisco General Hospital Medical Center (SFGH). The goal was to raise $1 Million for SFGH. As of February 2005 nearly $2,000,000 in funds have been raised.

Sponsored by Wells Fargo; Artist: Michael Osborne. The voluptuous heart sparkles with hundreds of commemorative coins, a dazzling reference to the Gold Rush and to Wells Fargo's 150-year banking history in San Francisco. The brass commemorative coins applied to the heart are stamped with SAN FRANCISCO and display a heart. This heart is on display at 420 Montgomery Street, San Francisco, CA This heart is owned by Wells Fargo.

Over 130 recognized and emerging artists transformed heart sculptures into unique works of art. These hearts were installed on sidewalks, plazas, parks, and street corners throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. On February 14, 2004 the first two Hearts were unveiled in a kick-off event in Union Square. Subsequent hearts were rolled out beginning in April. Each installation was supported by a sponsor and reflected the unique vision of an artist.

The Hearts were on display through October of 2004. From November 4-14, 2004 there was an online auction of 89 Hearts. On November 11, 2005, at SBC Park in San Francisco, a live auction of 22 hearts. Both auctions and all proceeds from the limited-edition Hearts in San Francisco Book benefit the San Francisco General Hospital Medical Center.