Giving Life to the Community


Laurel True:

I have been working in mosaic media for fifteen years. I use glass, mirror, ceramic tile, stone and mixed media mosaic to create both site-specific and portable mosaic works. My work is a reflection of my love of myth and reality, histories and folklore, natural and fantastical worlds and decorative and culturally based arts. I see art as a window to the world that goes both ways, allowing artists to look out and viewers to look in and vice versa.

My company, True Mosaics Studio, is based in Oakland, California. I specialize in architectural mosaic installations for commercial and residential spaces, mosaic murals, sculptural forms and benches, community projects and public art.

I have been teaching courses in mosaic techniques for over ten years and travel widely to teach and facilitate community projects both in the U.S. and in West Africa.

I am very interested in how art affects people and am invested in making art that is accessible both physically and conceptually to the general public. I am inspired by the urban landscape and the many cultures that these landscapes house and hold.

I have been working with the image of the heart and the eye in my work for some time. To me they symbolize a universal connection between people, bridging cultural and language gaps and presenting a reminder to pay attention. To look both within and to keep one's eyes open to the environment and the people around you . . . and that both inward and outward love are essential to life everywhere.

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Follow your Heart to Union Square...

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Join us in marking the 2-year anniversary of the Hearts in San Francisco city-wide art installation project at HEROES & HEARTS.

3 new Hearts in the series will be unveiled, while 12 TableTop Hearts will make their debut, all designed by prominent local artists and available for purchase at the luncheon. In addition, we will be honoring several local heroes for their exceptional and inspirational actions which help make San Francisco the first-class city it is.

Tickets are limited. For more information, call Katherine Moe, Development Coordinator for Corporate Relations & Special Events, at 415-206-4478 or email